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Corpses & Curios: Season 2: Availia

Oct 8, 2021

Recorded and Streamed July of 2021:

Dr. Ward's "phrasing" has Edgelord, Syn, and Torhild on edge. Honeybuns are revealed to be prime currency, and a member of the "freak wing" makes their appearance in the general populace. What can go wrong?

Cast on Twitter: Spoopy Game Master – Chris @Polish_Ogre

Torhild (The Delinquent) - @ViolentlyGinger

Edgelord (The Beacon) – Drew @NotThatDrew

Syn (The Reformed) - @PurpleBeeholder

Kali (The Transformed) - @litzabronwyn

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Sound Effects and some music provided by Zapsplat - check them out at and get access to over 26,000 + free sound effects

Additional music provided by