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Corpses & Curios: A (mostly) GURPS podcast

Jul 22, 2019

The team has uncovered a nefarious double cross, and races to save one of their own before it's too late.  Another member heads into the belly of the beast. We continue our play-through of NerdBurger Game's Capers Noir System. 

The continuation and conclusion of this arc happened on June 22nd, at 7pm EST and can be viewed here as well:

Find Craig on Twitter here: @NerdBurgerCraig

Cast on Twitter:

Game Master – Chris @Polish_Ogre

Mark King – Kit @KitBattlebeard

Harada Shinji – Drew @NotThatDrew

Faye Wright - @lilth

Evengeline of the Seraphim – Kim @ArtemisPruitt

Marisol "The Viper" Herrera - @Alpacamybooks

Lola Hart character created by -  @Litzabronwyn

“Capers: Noir” is a unique game and created by Mr. Craig Campbell.  Check him out and his exceptional games at

Sound Effects provided by Zapsplat - check them out at and get access to over 26,000 + free sound effects

Awesomely jazzy Noir intro and other music provided by