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Corpses & Curios: A (mostly) GURPS podcast

Aug 15, 2018

The team tries to outrun the maniacal Brynn-Jones and his subordinates, with the carrying case in tow, considered lost during the latest run-in with the shady psychiatrist.

Artemis's missing person case offers various leads, but what is really going on?

G.U.R.P.S. (Generic Universal Roleplay System) is a Steve...

We now have a Patreon!

Aug 7, 2018

If you enjoy what we are doing, please consider gifting us  $1, $3, or even $5 a month.  It's a small thing which would mean the world to us, as we attempt to improve the quality of the show and bring you the thrills, chills, and laughter of Actual Play podcast fun.

Aug 1, 2018

The team looks to rest, research, and recuperate from recent events. Instead, they learn just how far their enemies will go.

G.U.R.P.S. (Generic Universal Roleplay System) is a Steve Jackson Games roleplay system, where the only limit is your imagination! The use and mentioning of the system is the property...